Savvy Studio will automatically send a SMS (text) message to your customers to remind them about their appointment.  You can customise this feature in the Settings menu:

Go to Settings (looks like a cog, top right of the screen), then Reminders, and click in to Appointment Reminder.  Here you can specify how many days before the appointment you would like the reminder to be sent, and at what time of day. These settings will then be applied to all reminders.

You can also ensure that your customers know exactly who has sent them the SMS message by putting your business name in the 'SMS From' box.  Please note that a maximum of 11 characters can be used here.

You can change the contents of your text message (by altering the text in the 'SMS Body' box), but we suggest that you do not remove {{orgName}} or {{startDate}} as these will auto-populate with your business name and the date of the appointment.

You can also customise your email reminders from this screen (by amending the 'Email Subject' and 'Body' boxes).

Please note that only customers who have specified that they are happy to be contacted by SMS or email will receive these reminders.

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