One of the best ways to get a feel for how Savvy Glam works is to set yourself up as a pretend customer, and make some pretend appointments, as this will give you a really good feel for how Savvy works. 

Before you start putting in any real customer data, it makes a lot of sense to get the various customisable features set-up exactly as you want them, so here is a quick check list of things to set up.  

All of these can be accessed by going to the Settings menu (looks like a cog, top right), and then once you have them set up, you’ll never have to think about them again 😊

1 – Reminders

Go to Settings, then Reminders, then Appointments. Here you can choose how far in advance of your appointments you would like the reminders to go out, and at what time of day.  

You can also customise what your email and SMS reminders will say.  The bits in the {{xxx}} brackets will auto-populate with the correct details for that appointment appointment so there is no need for you to change those parts.

2 – Service types

Go to Settings, then Data, then Services.  Here you can amend (by clicking on the pencil symbol (top right)) / add (by clicking on the aqua + (bottom right) as many different services (appointment types) as you would like to.  

You can choose what colour you would like each service type to be in your diary, how long you would like it to auto-populate for in the calendar, and how much you would like it to be.  

Although the duration and cost will auto-populate when you make that appointment, you can also overwrite it if you know that particular appointment is going to take longer / cost more etc.

3 – Calendar Settings

Go to Settings, then Calendar Settings.  Here you can set what time you would like your diary view to start and finish, what day of the week you would like it to start on, and indeed if you would like to hide any days from view completely.  

You can also choose your default calendar view (month, week or day), which will be the view you return to each time you click the white Savvy Glam logo (top left) which is effectively your ‘home’ button.  Once in the diary, you can also toggle between the different views.

4 – SMS

Go to Settings, then Messaging, then SMS.  Here you can set the ‘Sender ID’ if you are only planning to allow one-way messaging (i.e. not allowing your customers to reply to your SMS).  This is the name your customer’s texts will appear to have been sent from. You have up to 11 letters or numbers (no special characters) for this ID.  If your business name is too long for this, you can also just use your own name, and then include your business name in the body of the SMS’s that will be sent out.  

If you wish to use two-way SMS, it is not possible to set a Sender ID and the message will appear to have been sent by the mobile number allocated to our system.

5 – Email

Go to Settings, then Messaging, then Email Look and Feel.  Here you can replace the Savvy Glam logo with your own logo, and this will then be shown on all emails you send to your customers.

Go to Settings, then Messaging, then Email Settings.  Here you can connect the Savvy Glam system up to your own email account.

For Gmail accounts, simply click to connect and pop in your details.

For SMTP accounts, you will need to use the following info:

6 - Add extra users

Go to Settings, then Users and Beauticians, then User Info.  Simply pop in the requested details, and anyone marked as being a beautician will then appear in the 'user' drop-down list when you are making an appointment, and will have their first name appear as a separate column on the day view calendar with all of their appointments for that day listed under them.

Please note you cannot use the same email as the account is registered to for another beautician, but you can use a made up email if you wish.

7 – Appointment Messages

Go to Settings, then Messaging, then Appointment Messages.  Here you can customise the messages your customers will received when you press any of the appointment message buttons.  These are the Confirmed / Cancelled / Complete / No Shows buttons that you can see when you click on an appointment in the calendar.

For each of these buttons you can choose whether you would like a message to go via SMS and/or email, and can customise exactly what you would like it to say.  As with the reminders, the bits in the {{xxx}} brackets will auto-populate with the correct details for that particular appointment, so there is no need for you to change those parts.

You can also chose a colour to be associated with each of these buttons, ie so that when you press that button, the colour of the appointment in the diary changes to that colour.  For example, you could choose to have all ‘Completed’ appointments turn grey.  There is more about how to manage this, and other colour coding options in this short video:

8 - Currency Settings

Go to Settings, then Payments, then Currency Settings.  Here you can make sure you are recording payments in the correct currency.

You have now got all of the essentials set up, and are ready to start loading your account with customer info and appointments (if you are coming across to Savvy Glam from another system, please do drop us a line and we will do our best to import as much of you data in one go for you). 

There are lots of other great ‘bells and whistles’ that you can add/tweak, like electronic disclaimers and flags (for banned customers etc!), but you have now set up all the key settings, and are ready to start letting Savvy Glam share your admin load!

If you have any questions at all whilst you are in the system, the quickest way to get hold of us is to ping us a message using the HELP icon (top right), and one of the Savvy Glam customer service team will get back to you ASAP 😊 

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