You can alter the image which is in the top left hand corner of the emails your customers will receive from the Savvy Pet Spa system (for example, you may wish you have your business logo here).  Simply go to the Settings menu (by clicking on what looks like a cog in the top right hand corner of the system screen), then click on 'Email', then 'Email Look and Feel'.  Click on the template email provided, click the bin symbol next to the default Savvy Pet Spa logo, and then click the pink + button to add a logo/image of your choice.  Please note, you must call your new image/logo 'image' in order for it to be used properly in your emails to customers.

You can also alter the logo/image and colour scheme of the customer portal which your customers will see if they click to sign a contract or pay an invoice that you have emailed to them.  In Settings, go to 'Brands' and then add a logo/image of your choice, and choose your preferred colour scheme.

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