The Core version of Savvy Pet Spa covers all the basics of managing your customers, pets and appointments.  

It is fully customisable to suit your business needs - for example, you can create as many different breeds, appointment types/durations/colour codes and spa locations with a couple of clicks.

Core Savvy Pet Spa will automatically send appointment reminders to your customers, helping to reduce your 'no shows' and giving you one less thing to remember to do.
You can also send SMS, WhatsApp and email messages to your customers by their preferred communication method.

The Advanced version of Savvy Pet Spa includes all of the functionality on the Core product, and so much more.

Use Advanced Savvy Pet Spa to automatically generate multiple contracts and disclaimers, and effortlessly store the signed version in the Savvy Pet Spa system for instant reference as and when needed.

Advanced Savvy Pet Spa also has fully customisable branding (use your own logo / colour scheme) and workflows to ensure your business is presented as effortlessly professional and proactive.

Invoices can be quickly generated and sent, and can be access via the dedicated customer portal.

For a more in depth explanation of what is each of all our subscriptions this video below will explore all the options!

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